You have reached the right website if you are looking for a child custody lawyer in Beverly Hills, Burbank,  Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Pasadena,Valencia, Santa Clarita, Newhaul, Saugus, Castaic. CA. Attorney Jennifer L. Nagel has been practicing for a couple of decades at this point, and she genuinely cares about the clients that she serves. Family law is an area of specialization for the firm, and child custody will often be one of the major decisions that must be made.

There are actually two distinct types of child custody: physical custody, and legal custody. As the name would imply, the parent that resides with the child would have physical custody. While one parent may have sole physical custody, this is not the only possibility. If both parties agree, and the court approves, there can be a joint physical custody arrangement that allows the child to live with each respective parent at different times.

The other type of custody is legal custody. This gives a parent the ability to make legally binding decisions on behalf of the child. These would include things like medical decisions and school choices. It is very common for one parent to have sole physical custody while the parents have joint legal custody.

In a perfect world, the parents that are splitting will come up with a mutually agreed upon parenting plan to present to the court. However, things don’t always work this smoothly. If the matter of child custody is contentious, you should certainly have a child custody lawyer by your side to advocate your interests. Ultimately, the court will decide what is best for the children if no agreement can be presented.

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