Child Custody in Los Angeles


Divorce or separation from a spouse or partner is never an easy thing to deal with, but when children are involved in the family and this turmoil hits it can make things much more complicated and anxious. There is always worry about the welfare and safety of children involved in cases like this, and as a parent, you want to make sure your child is provided for properly, is healthy and safe. That is why settling matters involving custody of your children is so important to you. There are many issues that may be involved in a case like this that can cause sleepless nights for you. When you are dealing with the anxiety that goes along with child custody in Los Angeles, it can help to have a lawyer on your side to assist you in the process.

The Emotional Toll of a Case

Child custody cases can take an enormous emotional toll on you as a parent. You may not want to face up to all of the anger, resentment, and disagreements that can go along with settling things like child support payments, visitation rights and who holds primary custody of the children, but you need to face each issue as it comes along. The laws and regulations regarding custody cases can be quite complex and difficult to understand for many people, which is why speaking to a lawyer is in your best interests.

The Legal Advice and Representation to Ease Your Child Custody in Los Angeles

It is important that you talk to a lawyer regarding child custody in Los Angeles so that you know what your rights are and you have proper representation in your case. When you speak to a lawyer like we offer at the law offices of Jennifer L. Nagel, we can meet with you and discuss your case in a safe and confidential manner so that you can get all of the worrisome questions you may have answered. We can provide you with guidance regarding how to proceed, handle all of the legal work for you, and represent you in negotiations and court and work hard on your behalf to resolve the matter.

Schedule a Consultation

You do not have to face your child custody in Los Angeles alone. Take the time to contact us at the law offices of Jennifer L. Nagel and arrange for a consultation so we can help you through this difficult time. You can make an appointment by calling our office directly at (661) 468-0129 or by visiting our website at and filling out the contact form. Ease your stress and anxiety with the legal advice that can make a difference to you.