You have reached the ideal website if you are looking for a probate lawyer in Beverly Hills or any other city in the greater Los Angeles area. It is very important to take the right steps to protect the interests of your family members when you are planning your estate, and there are many things to take into consideration. With the assistance of a probate lawyer, you can take the right steps to provide for your family in an ideal manner given the circumstances.

If you use a last will to state your final wishes regarding the distribution of your assets to your loved ones after you are gone, you would name an executor or personal representative. This individual would take care of the hands-on estate administration tasks, and the matter would be supervised by the probate court. This process can be rather complicated, and there are many different requirements that must be met. When you have a probate attorney to guide you through the process, you can be certain everything is being done in accordance with the law. Plus, if unexpected circumstances arise during the probate process, legal counsel will be available to you.

Though a last will may be the right choice for many, there are other options available to you when you are planning your estate. While it is true that probate serves a purpose, it can be time-consuming, and there are expenses that can pile up during the process. If you were to use a living trust instead of a last will as your primary vehicle of asset transfer, the trustee that you name in the document would be empowered to transfer assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes outside of probate.

In addition to the revocable living trust, there are other types of trusts that can be utilized to satisfy certain objectives. For example, in Beverly Hills and other communities in our service area, there are many high net worth individuals. Estate taxes can be a factor for these people, but there are estate tax efficiency strategies to mitigate your exposure.

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